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## We have moved to ##
About a year ago, we started to envision Lucidipedia’s future roadmap and concluded that in order for us to further embark on our mission to offer lucid dreamers great learning resources on the web, we needed to adopt and develop an entirely new teaching platform.

There’s some really awesome stuff that we would love to build and offer you guys that requires a fundamentally different technological (and philosophical) framework for us to build upon. Implementing these big changes in's current state would largely distort the website and most likely confuse users.

For us to be able to reinvent ourselves and break free of’s current boundaries, we decided to change lanes and launch an independent startup on lucid dream teaching. We call our startup Snoozon and we are very excited about what’s to come.
Have frequent lucid dreams yourself. Get trained.

Learning to lucid dream is not like a simple recipe with only a few steps to follow. Lucid dreaming is like a mind game that, especially at the beginning of your training, requires considerable practice.

Imagine your brain as being a muscle. You cannot learn how to run a marathon, play tennis or golf just by studying a course. Like gaining muscle tone for being able to lift heavy things, you need to be dedicated to put theory into practice and train your brain muscle first before becoming a frequent lucid dreamer.

If you have been practicing lucid dreaming for some time by now and have not yet enjoyed the number of lucid dreams that you have set yourself to enjoy someday, you will know what I am talking about. Learning to lucid dream requires sincerity, a growth-mindset and the right lucid dream training.

Our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming will provide you with all the practical knowledge, techniques, exercises and support that is needed to frequently have lucid dreams, to control them and to apply them in your everyday life. We have moved to and host our course materials there. Come and visit us!

Our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming is based on many years of lucid dream research, mostly pioneered by lucid dream researcher (and dear colleague of us) Dr. Stephen LaBerge of The Lucidity Institute and educationally structured and enhanced based on my many years of experience teaching lucid dreaming.