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Stephen LaBerge’s introduction to lucid dreaming part 4

Tim Post

Author: Tim Post
Date: April 13th, 2011
Published in Featured
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Stephen LaBerge’s introduction to lucid dreaming part 4

Tuesday was a great day. The day that the actual course would start. People from all over the world would fly in to Hawaii to meet Stephen and learn lucid dreaming.

The Volcanic Beach

Once I had my usual breakfast at 7.30am (at the Lanai, where around this time a Kalani volunteer sounds a horn to let everyone on the terrain know that breakfast is ready), I blogged and then went straight down to the volcanic beach. I went there the other day, but did not get in since I did not bring along any swimming clothing. This time, I did.

Only a few people were around, which was lovely. The “sand” of the beach is black. Orio cookies black. I ran up to the ocean and like many others first gazed at the roaring waves that were rolling in. I mean, this were big waves. As a fairly skilled swimmer I felt a bit hesitant to go in. But I did and had a great time. The water was so warm. The tricky part was returning to the beach. Several times 8 foot waves were coming at us. If you would caught up in one of them, you would be smashed down onto the rocky surface of the beach. Because of bad timing, I swam towards the beach, got down on my feet, but got stuck in an undercurrent. I was pulled back into the ocean as a new big wave already crushed onto me. I tumbled underwater (literately “going with the flow”) until I managed to push myself off the bottom to catch air. All went OK, but I interpreted it immediately as a wake up call. Still it felt part of the ride and only attributed to my memory of the Hawaiian ocean.

While walking further down the beach, two kind ladies approached. “Are you Tim? Where were looking at you trying to get back to the beach and were praying you did not get hurt. We are both big fans of and are here to attend LaBerge’s course on lucid dreaming. So cool that we finally got to meet you! We love your YouTube video’s!” So cool! They continued to say that each year, someone dies when swimming here at the beach, because of these big waves and currents. It amazed me that there were no signs or lifeguards anywhere. Will think twice about getting in that far a second time.

Living up to the evening

So once I returned to Kalani, I had lunch and decided to get my notes and prepare for tonight’s introduction session of Stephen. I reminded myself constantly of our encounter last evening: “I just met freak’n Stephen LaBerge!” I was so excited. Could not wait to see him kick off the course that evening.

I relaxed a bit, strolled around, and finally had dinner. Around that time about 10 participants had already arrived. Stephen, Lynn and Keelin were also joining in to eat with us. The atmosphere was quite informal, casual but while yet again still being real. We were all really interested in hearing about each other’s stories. Weirdest thing was hearing some promoting and our online dream journal. Most weird was Melanie who liked me to co-sign her copy of Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming together with Stephen :-)

Being in student mode, I have no intention at all to promote Lucidipedia in any way: I am here to learn new stuff and to occasionally challenge Stephen in justifying his training methodology to acquire deeper understanding of the course myself.

In general terms, there seemed to be a large variety in lucid dream skill. Some had never had a lucid dream before. Others had several, but would like to bump their skill level up to the next level. Age ranges between 18 to 65+ years. Different backgrounds, different goals.

Kick off

After dinner we all returned to our central common area at the lodge were plenty of chairs were set up. New people arrived. I could not wait to start. Once Keelin walked by behind me to get to hear seat she kindly tickled my back as to signal that we finally going to start the program.

Stephen opened the course by welcoming everyone to Kalani and asking us to imagine that our stay at Kalani would be something like a shared dream. Tonight we were not allowed to have any lucid dreams (LOL). A fellow from Kalani was invited to give a brief overview of Kalani’s activities and opportunities to travel around the area. We closed off and all went to sleep to start at 10am the following morning.


It is 9.10am now and I am just finishing this blog. In a small hour we will start the day by reviewing last night’s dreams and doing personal introductions. Stephen is going to give his formal lecture on lucid dreaming (I am ready.). This afternoon we are free to do whatever we want to. After dinner tonight, we meet again to yet again enjoy a second lecture after which we will all watch a lucid dream related movie together before going to bed.

PS. Any questions YOU would like to see me pose Stephen during the remaining of this course? Check out Meeting Stephen LaBerge this month to participate! ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT.

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