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Lucid roadblock

Author: Rox
Date: June 1st, 2012
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Lucid roadblock

I’m having trouble with my lucid dreams and it might be a common problem along lucid dreamers but I’m not sure. What is it that stops me from attaining lucid dreams?  I’m having a certain blockade. I wasn’t the star lucid dreamer but I was able to have them, not at will but I would have lucid dreams regularly. Now I’m at a point that I know a lot about lucid dreaming but somehow, this doesn’t seem to work in my advantage. I don’t know what it is that stops me, but it certainly is frustrating.

When I look at graph of the lucid dreams of myself, and see my history of lucid dreaming it shows a decreasing line. When I set up lucid dreams in the height and knowledge about LDs in the length. The less I knew about lucid dreams the more lucid dreams I had. It wonders me how this works. It may not be the direct reason of my decrease of lucidity but for me this seems the cause. I reached a lucid dreaming roadblock.


When I started lucid dreaming I just knew what it was. I didn’t hear of any techniques or whatsoever. There was a very clear goal. The lucid dream. I didn’t know the roads to the goal but I knew there was a goal. The night I heard about lucid dreaming I had my first experience with it. Then came the time when I heard about the first “techniques’’. I heard of WILD, DILD, MILD and WBTB. The first 4 roads came in sight and maybe the start of my downfall too, or did it? 4 mysterious roads arose from the ground. There were 4 roads. WBTB was a very clear, an easy but long one.  MILD was a shorter one, little harder and a little vague. DILD was an even shorter one but it was a lot vaguer. And it was strange. Then the strangest technique came. WILD. This was the shortest one. It was very vague and it was extremely hard. You can put these 4 roads into one example. Take a mountain. WBTB is the road that goes over the mountain. MILD goes around the mountain through an unknown forest. DILD also goes around the mountain but it crosses a huge river. WILD goes right through the mountain but you will have to make the tunnel with your bare hands. You don’t know what you can expect and it’s strange.

You will have to make a choice between these 4 roads in the beginning. Everyone wants the fastest way to their goal but sometimes can’t comprehend how hard it is. That’s why WBTB is recommended for most people new to lucid dreaming. Now after a while of research I came to the conclusion that there are a lot more ‘’techniques’’. Such as CAT, constant reality checks, meditation techniques, binaural beats, FILD, external devices and a lot more. Some are total different roads and some are tools to make the roads clearer or easier.

The problem is that there are too many roads, and a lot are unnecessary. You should filter everything to your own likings. I have to do this for myself too and I have to set some new goals. I have to regularly journal my dreams and a lot more.


When I was standing underneath the shower and I thought about my lucid dreaming problem, I blamed school. I told myself that schoolwork was the root of my problem. Now I’m writing this, I’m thinking of what to do with it, and I concluded that instead of just blaming, you have to resolve. I have to adjust priorities and have to combine these priorities in the correct way. I can also change my sleep cycle and this is what I’ll be planning to do. I want to WBTB more and I want to introduce this is my weekly sleep rhythm. I hope this will change my lucid dreaming experiences and I will keep you up to date.

Maybe you’re recognizing this problem, and maybe you have the same causes as me. I just want to pass this roadblock because it’s driving me crazy.

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  1. Lence says:

    June 2nd, 2012at 23:35(#)

    Yes… same problem here. Very few lucid dreams lately. It’s part of the reason for the lack of blogposts from my side.

    I like the “mountain” metaphor. It’s definitely the case that we can get too caught up in advanced techniques and forget about the basics. Very frustrating to have learned so much about this topic and then utterly fail at actually inducing lucids :p

    It kind of makes me think of the days I played online poker semi-professionally, a couple of years ago: no matter how much of the theory I mastered, there were still many times I kept on closing my sessions at a loss. Very frustrating, but I knew it would just be a result of “variance”, i.e. “bad luck” (although I don’t really believe in that :p). As long as I maintained a pseudo-optimal strategy and as long as I kept both my emotions and my bankroll in check, everything would be fine in the long run. Same goes for lucid dreaming: manage your expectations, keep up the basic habits and you should be dreaming lucidly again in no time.

    Also, your blogpost gave me the idea of checking whether there is such a thing as “lucid weather”: comparing the frequency of lucid dreams (of many people) over time. Yes it might sound crazy because the traditional belief is that dreams are independent, individual experiences, but similar research has been done before with “remote viewing” and they actually found a clear pattern (I think RV success rates peaked at around 3 PM and had some correlation with sun activity). I don’t know if it has been done before with lucid dreams. Interesting :)

    Btw: try resizing your images to 575×385 – it’s overlapping with the menu right now, plus it would be a little less heavy on the data traffic ;)

  2. Syeda Mcananyw says:

    June 29th, 2012at 01:53(#)

    Thanks , I have just been looking for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

  3. Rox says:

    June 30th, 2012at 22:26(#)

    Well, I think I found the solution. I had a very negative attitude towards my problem. I was really frustrated and this didn’t improve my lucidity. I just wrote a blog about a technique that might just do the trick for me.
    I also started my habit to journal my dreams a lot more and I’m doing my regular reality checks more too. I think I overcame my problem but I’m still in the testing phase! I’m seeing my lucid dreaming future positive. Even if it isn’t positive, I will try to stay optimistic. I also found the fun back in the lucid dreaming training process.

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