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Hone Your Lucid Weaponry

Author: dansofe0r
Date: June 25th, 2012
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Hone Your Lucid Weaponry

“My enemies too are part of my bliss…How grateful I am to my enemies that I may finally hurl my spear!”, said Zarathustra in Nietzsche’s most famous work. Motivation comes from many sources for us lucid dreamers, but looking over the internet pages and literature related to our lucid habits, the source is overwhelmingly connected to uplifting rhetoric about elevating the self, seeing things from other points of view, and ascending over the waves every day noise that accompanies our waking lives. These are all very good reasons to begin lucid dreaming. This is the story of another, less championed one.
About a year ago, an acquaintance of mine decided to begin posting swastikas and highly racist and critical (however misguided) noise on the news feeds of all of his facebook friends. Perhaps I gave him too much credit in believing that he was intelligent enough to change his points of view with engagement via comments. I was also motivated by the fact that these hateful ideas of his were incredibly dangerous to anyone who might have been wrestling with these issues and had the wrong side of them reinforced by people like this acquaintance of mine.   To make the story short (if it hasn’t gotten too long already), he ended up making some very dirty ad hominem attacks directed at me. He even deleted the entire post, and after that I unfriended him.
Fast forward to the present and I am happily working out at the gym and see him and his friend pass by. I didn’t see him until I was exiting, but at that point we glared at each other with crimson rage and at that instant I became reunited with an older acquaintance, one that so many of us throw into our closets at the shortest instance of it peeking out of the corner: the lovely and potent motivator named hate.
Do not shy away from this part of our human nature, for hatred is a wonderful motivator. To best someone or to hurl your metaphorical spear at a well deserved enemy such as this is reason to wake up in the morning ready to give everything you do 110% (in our case lucid dreaming).
I do not have the voice or manor of the lion my fellow dreamwalkers. That is why at that moment, the motivation for my lucid dreaming increased manifold. What was previously a lofty desire to speak to my subconscious mind to reflect became a very clear path to the simple task of overcoming my fear of being defeated by this monster in a fight.
You will recognize here the common lucid dreaming motivation of overcoming a fear. You may very well know in your waking lives that in a lucid dream you can be every star in the sky and simultaneously be nothing! We all also know very well that this knowledge does not make it so in the dream necessarily. We have to absolutely believe even at some subconscious level to make our goals happen.
So it was in overcoming this enemy. I had full knowledge that with my wing chun and other styles of training that I could defeat him but the knowledge was not enough. It was only until I lucidly defeated him that the moment I woke up I felt much more confident, as many of us do when we defeat dream foes, or fulfill any goal at all in our dreams. We all have at the very least memories of these unreasonable enemies of life itself. It does not even necessarily have to be a violent victory as mine was, the next time that he unfortunately confronted me. My message is this, my lovers of the subconscious landscape: do not by timid in using lucid dreaming to ‘hurl your spears’ at those who must be ‘hurled’ at.

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  1. jerry says:

    June 27th, 2012at 17:42(#)

    Buddha, whenever the negative confronts me there is Buddha.

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