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Using Your Imagination

Author: Rox
Date: July 1st, 2012
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Using Your Imagination

So, I’m in the middle of my last exams of the year, little less time for lucid dreaming. But this won’t stop me!

I maybe found a way to induce lucid dreams that works for me, I still have to put it to a test but I think the chances are big! Now there are some circumstances that help. This is when I go to sleep on a regular day: when I’m not tired, it isn’t too late and that kind of stuff. Usually I fall asleep after approximately 20 minutes. In this 20 minutes the idea is to think of lucid dreaming, or at least keep your mind busy with it.

One day I was having a shower. The shower being the place where I get the best ideas, I had this idea that just focusing on lucid dreaming isn’t the solution. At first, this is almost impossible with my meditating skills, and I thought it wasn’t ideal to induce lucid dreams. While still standing in the shower I thought of a slight change in this “technique” if I can call it like that. Me being me, I think a lot while laying in bed, and I don’t try to stop this, I see it as a natural and also fun thing to do. I wanted to combine this lucid thinking and these imaginations into one thing.

I had a few criteria for this technique. It had to be fun, easy and it would also be nice if it had some results. I hope my idea works. Now I’ll try to explain this whole technique.

The concept

My idea of how it should work.

- You start by going into bed with any mood you are in, even if you are stressed, angry or intensely happy.

- You just lay there in any way you want but from the moment you lay down comfortably you keep  your mind with lucid dreaming. Don’t consciously think of it, but try to keep it in the back of your mind.

- I think that everyone catches his mind wandering off once in a while. Now the fun thing is, is that every single second you think of something. I never think of nothing. I might carry this to the philosophical part and question nothingness but that would go a little to deep I think. So you think of something every single second, and this can be everything.

- Now if you consciously follow these thoughts, you might get in a kind of scene, a totally random scene. In this scene it is the idea to become lucid. You catch this thought and you do a reality check.

- Once you became lucid in this thought, you want to keep as normal as possible and let the scene develop itself. This can be very difficult. I tried this technique for the first time a few days ago and I saw that every time I became lucid the imagination would dissolve. After catching a few imaginations I could stabilize a little bit better. After stabilizing, you can do whatever you want, but try to keep your mind lucid. You search for the balance of being lucid and being active in a dream.

- You can do this as many times as you want until you fall asleep.


The essence of this technique is to set your mind onto lucid dreaming right before you fall asleep. In the book of Stephen LaBerge he describes the use of schemes. He says that the scheme that went through your mind right before you fall asleep has a great chance to be induced in your dream. The becoming lucid part is in your mind continuously. This is great and the chance that you think of lucidity is great.


I think this is a great idea. This is because at first it is a fun thing to do, at least in my case it certainly is. This isn’t the only advantage. When you are trying to lucid dream, when you fall asleep and try to lucid dream, you can only try once. You fall asleep, fail, wake up and the next night you can try again. This technique can be done a lot of times, you try, fail and within a few seconds you can try again.

I think there also is a theoretical advantage to this technique. You are becoming lucid continuously and in this imagination you are dealing with the stabilization of the imagination. This is a common problem with people that encounter a lucid dream for the first time. You also get known with the feeling of becoming lucid a little bit. But of course, a lucid dream is way more intense.

Now to clarify a few things. The feeling of becoming lucid in a imagination like this is nothing in comparison to a real lucid dream. The true lucid dream is very different. It’s way more realistic in every aspect. This technique sole purpose is to set your mind to lucid dreaming until you fall asleep and maybe being more prepared to lucid dreams.

The second night I tried this technique, I had a lucid dream. It is a new discovery from my side and I hope that it works out for me. And of course, always remember, you are the lucid dreamer and the technique is merely a tool. Control your emotions and manage your expectations. I also think it’s extremely important to have fun in this technique. When you succeed, be happy with your success. Always keep a positive attitude. A few blogs ago I wrote about how I crashed into a lucid roadblock. It was because I had a negative attitude. So try to manage your attitude towards lucid dreaming and come up with a solution yourself. I think I just found one.

Good luck!

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