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Author: Rox
Date: July 17th, 2012
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You adapted to a certain sleep rhythm and follow it every single day. Strange things might with your dreams when you don’t follow your schedule. I went through a funny experience when I didn’t.

‘The last period before the big vacation is a period of tests on my school, so I had to learn a lot throughout the day. I went to bed early every day and woke up early to go to school.  Now this period ended and we had a party with school to celebrate the ending of the year. The interesting thing occurred when I went to bed. I fell asleep quickly and had some interesting dream experiences.

False awakenings

In the early REM-stages I dreamed that I was back on the party, it was exactly the same, and then I woke up. Or at least, I thought I did. I woke up again, but this time on the party again, so false awakening number one passed.
Once back on the party it felt like I resumed the last dream that I was on the party, so like a continuous story. So a had some more fun and I fell on the ground, closed my eyes and I was in my bed again. Or at least, I thought so. I wanted to stand up when I noticed something odd. But before I could reality check, I was on the party again. So much for false awakening number two. And again the story went on.
I was partying again and there were some odd things around, but I didn’t notice them. I was having more fun and BAM, in my bed again. I didn’t notice this series of false awakenings so I wanted to stand up and eat something. That was the last false awakening of this night but it was really strange because I never encountered false awakenings before and it was a kind of hop between the party and my bed.

Lucid again!

What makes this night even more interesting is that I encountered two lucid dreams that chained. I had one extremely vivid lucid dream that lasted really long, it was without doubt my #1 lucid dream. I recently had a setback in lucid dreams and in this time I did a lot of research and read a lot of things about dream control, stabilizing and the dream itself. Sadly enough I could never test it because I had very infrequent lucid dreams. But this was a great dream. I had full dream control, it lasted long and I had some interesting encounters with dream characters. I truly felt the fury of a dream character that attacked me with all his might.

When I woke up from this dream I wasn’t too aware, I went to sleep again and I fell into another lucid dream immediately. I didn’t even have to do a reality check, I knew for sure that I was lucid. This was a less vivid lucid dream, I just flew around a little bit and had some fun on the boulevard.

This is what made my night so interesting. There was one difference, I didn’t follow my sleep rhythm, so I think I can blame that single difference. I had the feeling that I slept with a lot of unrest, but I didn’t I just dreamed I did. The continuous false awakenings were tiring.

I think I can officially say I passed my lucid roadblock that I encountered a while ago, last night I had another lucid dream. I found my confidence again and I got motivated my this very vivid lucid dream. This is also the reason of the picture. I’m seeing some sunshine after a time of darkness in my lucid dreaming world.

Good luck!

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