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How Hard Is It?

Author: Rox
Date: July 27th, 2012
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How Hard Is It?

Is the chance there that the difficulty you encounter whilst learning lucid dreaming is a product of the mind? If you read that something is hard, you will start to believe it and unconsciously make it harder for yourself. I think this certainly is the case until a certain level.

I can start with giving an example. WILD is often experienced the hardest technique of all the techniques. I think that the difficulty is created (for a piece) by the mind. If you read about WILD on the internet or books, you often see a little side note: “This technique is very difficult.” I was wondering, what makes this technique so difficult? I think it’s a part true difficulty and a part mind-produced difficulty.

Mind difficulties

The mind has the power to change your view on something, this comes in the form of prejudgments. You always have a prejudice in your pocket, for everything. When you see a new vegetable on your dinner plate you might think it tastes disgusting, and it probably will. Except if it’s really different than you expected. So the expectation-effect kicks in. In a lucid dream it is a really common thing, you expect something, it happens. In reality the same happens, but not on such a high level.

If you read a lot about how lucid dreaming is difficult, you are surely going to expect lucid dreaming to be difficult. Or you have to be really headstrong, or you are doomed. Now I think a lot of new lucid dreamers are doomed already, but I think that can change and give hope to easier lucid dreams. I’m not going to give you a secret technique, or a kind of magic potion, no you want to get rid of these prejudgments. To be honest, I don’t really have an idea on how to do this. I think you first have to open your mind to new options, once these prejudices set their teeth in your mind they are very hard to get rid off.

I am still thinking and imagining a way that could get these problems away, and I will need some help. You could say they leave by facts, but it isn’t true to say: Lucid dreaming is easy. Maybe if I say: “Lucid dreaming isn’t as hard as you think so, give it a try with a neutral idea of the difficulty and see what happens for yourself, success is not guaranteed but I think your prejudgments and false information have mislead you. Beware of false information and try to believe something as soon as you experienced it yourself.” I think this is the best I can give you and I hope lucid dreaming will come easier after reading this.

There is another thing I noticed, when reading things I often read without truly reading, I just read and don’t think about it. This is wrong, you have to truly understand it, give it more time to truly integrate in your mind. This might happen to you while reading this text. Really think about it when you are going to sleep, try to get those prejudices away.

Good luck!

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  1. Nathan says:

    August 9th, 2012at 04:22(#)

    Dedication is the name of the game. Many people seem to quit if they are not successful after even a week..

    On the other hand, sleep paralysis, caused by trying a WILD, can be terrifying for some people.

  2. Seanchadith says:

    August 16th, 2012at 09:59(#)

    I’ve found a few techniques helpful in combating dream difficulty. As mentioned, a strong intention is necessary. Additionally:

    1.Reinvesioning/reimagining dreams where difficulties are present can help. To do this, re-write the script of the dream and turn your difficulties into a great success, achieving your goal instead of being hampered by difficulties.
    2. Deal with issues of dreams. Look back to difficulties and deal with the problems that they’re reflecting from waking life. For instance, perhaps your dream distractions are a big problem. Eliminate distractions in your life to deal with them in the dream.
    3. “Burn away” negativity in waking life through meditation. Envision the problem you had in your dream, the pain, frustration, confusion that you feel. Intentionally let go of these feelings in waking life, letting them burn away like smoke from a cleansing fire.
    4. Plan ahead. Determine your dream goals, incubate them, focus your determination in waking life. Then they’ll come naturally in your dreams, giving you a clear path to success.


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