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Discipline, Persistence, Commitment

Author: Rox
Date: September 12th, 2012
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Discipline, Persistence, Commitment

Sorry for my absence the last few weeks! Every week I will write a blog now. I got back in my school rhythm again and my regular sleep cycle. I’ll do my best to take the best opportunities of it.

I am in a process of finding a personal technique. This is difficult. There are some things that I found some interesting things even though I knew them already, even though it seems strange, it makes some sense.  I made a kind of motto for myself. I will explain it.

Discipline, Persistence, Commitment

This is a simple rule I found for myself that I didn’t even find through lucid dreaming, when I first thought of it I was in a totally different scenario. I was in France on vacation with my family (note that I’m a fanatic skateboarder). I was skateboarding and trying out some new tricks and different mindsets. Different mindsets? What I mean with that is the way I try a trick. When I was skateboarding this day I found two things, one thing is skateboarding related and one thing is quite general. It’s a kind of success formula, as you might have guessed, it’s: Discipline, persistence, commitment.


Discipline is a difficult concept. What I mean with discipline is the consistency of doing something with regularity. A simple example is following a planning you made for school. If you are well disciplined you will be able to keep this planning. Now for example if you made a lucid dreaming planning/schedule, you must have a certain amount of discipline to follow this planning. If you like a certain subject it  is easier. You have to be motivated. So being motivated is a key ingredient for being disciplined. This really makes a difference. What makes another huge difference is a  goal. These two things make the key ingredients for being disciplined. Motivation and a  goal. This goal can be ambitious, it’s great if it is. Now what I think is the most important of these: Your mindset. This is extremely important! I can maybe give a personal example on this case: I was skateboarding and learning a trick I was working on for weeks. I found the key element. Now when I found this I wasn’t finished yet. The most important part was yet to come. Integrating this key element in your trick. Telling yourself to do a thing slightly different is nothing compared to really doing it. When you tell yourself to do something differently you have to feel it, let it flow through your mind, truly doing it. Now this different mindset worked out well and resulted in me learning this trick.

This new mindset works and should be tried, it isn’t even too easy to truly do this. When you go to sleep and say to yourself a 100 times: I’m going to become lucid tonight or  I’m going to do a reality check tonight you are doing it wrong. You can tell yourself once but with the correct mindset, truly feeling the words and imagining everything happening. So my words of wisdom: Telling yourself to do something is something entirely different than truly doing it.


Now to my second point. Persistence. This might look the same as discipline but it is different. Discipline is based on regularity while persistence in my eyes is more bound to personal experience on a certain subject, in this case of course lucid dreaming. Discipline covers the dream journal, waking up in the middle of the night and doing a technique part while persistence covers the personal motor for difficult situation such as stress and tiredness. It basically says: Never give up. That sounds cliche but it is the truth, you should never give up in no situation. For this persistence you need some strong motivation. That is most important here. You have to be motivated enough to battle through these stressful situations.With a nice metaphor: Seeing the sunshine after a rainy cloud.


Now for the last part: Commitment. This is a important part. I already summarized it in the part about your mindset. I am going to say it again. It is very important. Trying and truly trying is something entirely different. I think everybody should really take the time to understand this. I think it can help you in multiple ways and not only in lucid dreaming but in a lot of different situations. I found it extremely helpful. I tried this new mindset mostly in skateboarding since I was busy with skateboarding a lot in this vacation and it really worked out. It isn’t easy to commit every single time you try something but it is worth it.

I think that these three things are a very important subject in your lucid dreaming training. And when you feel you achieved this discipline, persistence and commitment thing, I think you will have more ease with inducing lucid dreams.

Be enthusiastic about your lucid dreaming progress and even your fall backs! Enjoy the progress that you make, even if it are small steps. It’s important that you have fun in lucid dreaming. You aren’t supposed to be stressed and frustrated about your lucid dream frequencies!

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it means that you’ve decided to look beyond imperfections.

- Unknown

Be happy,


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