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Strong fantasy

Author: Rox
Date: September 22nd, 2012
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Strong fantasy

I was thinking about the possibility of training your fantasy. Often when I say: “Fantasy is endless” people react with: “Imagine a new color then!” As I gave a little gig I found out that isn’t quite possible because of the spectrum of visible light. Every color already is there. But in the invisible light there probably is a “color” (if you can call it  a color), this is imaginable, I can’t do it but maybe with enough training it is/should be. An other example is imagining a new dimension, extremely difficult. Yet again, I can’t do it. But in theory everyone should be.

I’m wondering if the fantasy truly is endless. It the same question as: Is the universe endless? In theory it isn’t but it is unimaginable big, so big there will be no possibility to search every single place, at least not soon. And the quest of  searching the edge of the universe may even be easier then searching the edge of your fantasy may even be more difficult. Just imagine something very strange/weird/rare. It may even be difficult to do something relatively easy as this. And imagine the countless other possibilities. That’s hard, I can’t do it.

I think training your fantasy might be a possibility. Imagining something like a new story or a song is such training. It is a lot of fun to do actually. But training your fantasy like this is only a tiny training. But you only go forward with tiny steps right? I have something  to do in the countless hours wasted in boring classes, I can just take a walk in my mind, and it is fun.

Good luck!

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