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Official announcement of


Author: Lucidipedia
Date: December 8th, 2012
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Official announcement of

It has been quiet for some time at Lucidipedia. But if you think we have fallen off the planet, you’re wrong. Backstage we are working hard on the next big ascend in terms of lucid dream teaching. Because our next ascend is going to include some radical changes, we like to inform you today of what’s to come so that you know what to expect, and what to get excited about.

Clearly, Lucidipedia has been our most popular lucid dream project so far. It enabled us to reach out to countless lucid dreamers across the world and experiment with new ways to teach and support lucid dreaming online (like our online dream journal, video tutorials and online classes). We are incredibly proud of our supportive community who has kept on reminding us every day of why we need to continue our work and spread the word on lucid dreaming.

Dreaming the Future

About a year ago, we started to envision Lucidipedia’s future roadmap and concluded that in order for us to further embark on our mission to offer lucid dreamers great learning resources on the web, we needed to adopt and develop an entirely new teaching platform. There’s some really awesome stuff that we would love to build and offer you guys that requires a fundamentally different technological (and philosophical) framework for us to build upon. Implementing these big changes in’s current state would largely distort the website and most likely confuse users. For us to be able to reinvent ourselves and break free of’s current boundaries, we decided to change lanes and launch an independent startup on lucid dream teaching. We call our startup Snoozon and we are very excited about what’s to come.

The Snoozon team includes lucid dream practitioner and respected teacher Tim Post (Netherlands) as its founding director, Lucidipedia’s software developer and co-founder Benjamin Wohl (Germany), plus Laurens Van Keer (Belgium) as Snoozon’s newest software developer. Together we are hard at work building out what we believe to be the next step for lucid dreamers who seek to fully develop their skill of lucid dreaming and easily share dreams and experiences with others. Although we’re still in the process of developing Snoozon at this very moment, we could not be more proud and excited about what’s to come, and cannot wait to show you guys some previews. Launch date of is set for late 2013.

What’s Snoozon Gonna Be About?

Opposed to how Dream Journal at is just “one of our services”, we believe that we could host a much more promising lucid dream teaching platform by making our online dream journal take over center stage. We are working on big upgrades of Dream Journal that include much more advanced social interactivity and journaling features than our current version at Lucidipedia has to offer and allows for. Naturally, once we launch Snoozon, we will provide an easy export function at Lucidipedia for those who currently use Lucidipedia’s Dream Journal and would like to import all of their preciously journaled dream records into their new Snoozon accounts. We expect most of you will transfer and be very interested to enjoy Snoozon’s upgraded journaling features. Still, no matter whether you decide to use Lucidipedia or Snoozon, all of your dreams will remain fully accessible and safe with us.

Snoozon will also host all of our future online classes. We will upgrade the classroom with new and exciting features, and schedule regular introductory and in-depth (guest) video webinars on the topic of lucid dreaming (yeah we know there have not been any lately at Lucidipedia; that will definitely change at Snoozon). We’ll also launch a complete 30-day email course on lucid dreaming, providing a complete home study course on lucid dreaming, including brand new training videos of Tim and his personal feedback to help you go beyond your current lucid dream abilities. We will open registrations for our very own exclusive and gorgeous lucid dream retreats in Central Europe. We would love to meet many of you in person and offer you the option to immerse yourselves into a complete two-week lucid dreaming retreat program hosted by Tim Post to develop reliable skill in lucid dreaming and using the state for personal growth and enhanced well-being. Let alone, meet fellow lucid dreamers.

The Future of Lucidipedia

With today’s official announcement of Snoozon, however, there will be two changes made concerning the future of Firstly, our developers will officially discontinue any further development concerning and shift focus to Snoozon. Secondly, once we launch Snoozon in the beginning of 2013, we will close off new user registrations to and direct newcomers to Existing users will be able to continue accessing their dream journals at and make use of all features as usual (adding dreams, etc.). The same goes for the forums. Basically, existing users will not notice any difference.

For us to build amazing new content and more upgraded applications, we need to reshape our (technological) foundations and necessarily create something original. We think it’s time to take the next step forward and are hoping you are with us to continue this exciting journey together.

In the next few months we’ll release sneak previews and reveal more neat features of Snoozon through Snoozon’s Facebook and Twitter channel. If you’re interested in getting notified of exclusive backstage developments in preparation of the upcoming launch, please subscribe to Snoozon’s newsletter.

Thank you so much!

Snoozon team

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