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First day before lucid dreaming part 3

April 12th, 2011 by Tim Post | 7 Comments

Monday, my first day exploring Kalani. While it is already tuesday now, and I just have eaten lovely fruity breakfast and start to wake up more fully, in today’s blog post, I will reflect on my activities from yesterday. In short: explored the scenery, visited the volcanic beaches nearby, and … met Stephen LaBerge the [...]

Lucidipedia goes WILD with new online classes

November 13th, 2010 by Lucidipedia | Comments Off

Price: 9.99, now only 4.99 Title: Going WILD Duration: 1 hour Target audience: Serious lucid dreamers. Requirements: Having had some lucid dreams. Preparations: None. Description: Out of all lucid dream induction techniques, Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreaming (WILD) might be the most daring technique around. Rather than intending lucidity to emerge in the midst of a non-lucid [...]

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