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"Simply the best. A great tool to keep my lucid dream training on track."
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Online dream journal

Ever wondered what it would be like to journal your dreams and lucid dreams online? Meet Lucidipedia's free online dream journal. Designed by lucid dreamers for lucid dreamers.

Advanced features.

Set genres, ratings, lucidity levels, sleep times, dreamsigns, dream characters, links to YouTube, pictures, lucid dream techniques applied, lucid dream activities, view statistics, search and much more.

Enjoy beautifully designed dream records and advanced features to organize and analyze your dreams and lucid dreams.

Safe and accessible from anywhere.

No matter where you are, with Dream Journal you could always access, analyze and edit your dream records from any computer connected to the internet. Let alone right from your mobile phone.

To be on the safe side, we also provide a backup feature to export all your dream records into a downloadable ZIP file.

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Like to read public dreams and lucid dreams from your friends and family? Connect to Facebook or Twitter to share your favorite dream records on your social networks. Great for showing off your lucid dream abilities as well as to provide and receive helpful comments on your or anyone's dream adventures.