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Why I'm here (tinged with Why am I here?)

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:43 am    Post subject: Why I'm here (tinged with Why am I here?) Reply with quote

Hi. I was put into an induced coma about 24 hours after I underwent critical surgery due to a serious scooter accident I had here in Rome, Italy. The induced coma state lasted 30 days. I don't remember the accident nor the post operation day in which friends tell me I was lucid, talking and making plans. What I do remember - and remember clearly (sight, sound, kino-tactile sensation, emotional state and reaction, smells, sequencing of actions and events) are the episodes I lived in/through during the coma. The episodes were seperate, but shared themes - the unifying thread being that I was constantly either 'on the run' or 'in a hide'.

This was now 3 years ago. The episodes are part of my memory stream and I occasionally confuse certain 'episode events' with 'real' life (to be concrete, I have to remind myself that I have never been to India or Afghanistan otherwise I risk offering my experiences in conversations with people who have)

It is clear to me that, although not seemingly in control of episode settings, historical framework or participants, I was running my own actions/reactions. I was able to influence.

I'd be very interested in talking to people who may have shared similar experiences/states.
A final note: induced coma is being used more and more, but there seems to be little knowledge amongst health care professionals as to the patient's whilst 'under': to exemplify, 4 months after I was discharged from my Roman hospital,a symposium on intensive care 'best practice' was held to which I was invited as one of three ex-patient guest speakers. One of Italy's leading consultants gave a fascinating, if a little shocking, presentation which basically boiled down to 'we don't know if patients experience 'nulla' (no experience) or if the outside leaks in...and if it does leak in, we don't know what the experience is like and how it may effect recovery'

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