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Suffering from lucid dreaming!

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bennyy r t

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:07 am    Post subject: Suffering from lucid dreaming! Reply with quote

So I've noticed how practically all the articles about lucid dreaming on the internet are about how to lucid dream or what it is. In the past couple of days I have recently started lucid dreaming, by no search/ attempt at it and it's been causing me trouble.

As an example, last night I was only able to get an hours sleep, despite being completely shattered because every time I closed my eyes, within 2 minutes I was in a lucid dream, realising I was in a lucid dream and immediately waking up. I've probably had about 8 hours sleep in the past 3 days because of the lucid dreaming and it's taking it's toll on my body.

Does anyone have any advice for me?
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Let it go. Don't try to LD in your main sleeping blocks. Instead, set up a wake-back-to-bed 1-2 times a week where you go for lucid dreams. During these, work on your ability to stay in a dream. Then once you are comfortable with that, you can try inducing lucid dreams during your regular sleep and see what happens.
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bennyy r t

Joined: 25 Jan 2015
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Interestingly. I fell asleep in a friends bed earlier and didn't lucid dream for my first sleep in a while, thank you so much! Just logged an intense lucid dream just now though which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Basically, me, kirsty, tasha, lauren, rubhaan and ollie and ollie's friend (I'm gonna call Chris? not sure if right) decided we were going to create our own civilisation. A completely self-sufficient civilisation. This civilisation started off with very little but over many many generations we became a fully functioning city where everyone looked different versions of ourselves depending on how old we are, so if your parent was a Ben and a Kirsty for instance, if they were male they'd be a Ben or Female they'd be a Kirsty. Everyone had different jobs but everyone was paid the same. Kirsty's and Lauren's were the most common, ruubhans were extinct because the original rubhaan never pro created with anyone else and there were no ben's left because many of the ben's left early on to look for other civilisations and advancements. So the only male race left were Chris'.

This was until one day a Lauren gave birth to a Ben, the first Ben who was born in over 1500 years. This Ben was seen as special, the one who the prophecies had all spoken about! Ben had a rough childhood because he was seen as different, however in school, he was ahead of his class by far, and ending up finishing school by the time he was 12. Something which was never heard of!

It was state law for everyone to get a job, this kept the community growing and growing! The new Ben however was getting denied jobs despite being incredibly intelligent because of his age and being the only Ben.
[Big gap in memory]
Finally, a small food delivery company asked him to have a trial shift which he completed without a hitch. He parked up the van and then had to run because he was meeting 2 of his closest friends, a Tasha and an Ollie. He left his van keys with his mother Lauren just in case there was any problem. His mother left them with a Kirsty and low and behold a problem came up. Ben's supervisors asked him to come and move the van but Ben couldn't find the keys and when he finally found the Kirsty who had the keys, she was being a bitch and wouldn't give them to him, she would only give them back to his mother or a food delivery supervisor. Kirsty called the security dogs on Ben who came running in being handled by a police Ollie. These dogs funnily attacked Ollie and just clung on to her because they thought her long pony tail was funny. Ben was arrested though.

To prove his innocence though, Ben would have to win a WWE Wrestling match vs. the Officer Ollie, The Rock and Rey Mysterio all at once (with a proper stadium, commentators, lighting etc. of course) . Ben took a long beating for over 2 hours, breaking almost every bone in his body and being covered in blood. The turning point of the fight came when an old Ben returned to ring side, a sight no one thought even existed, a Ben who lived outside of the colony. Other Bens had pro created all over the world (Them sly dogs, must be his good looks and charms if you ask me!). This Ben had suffered severe brain damage from a similar feat at Our Ben's age, told conveniently in a flash back. Old Ben's only words were 'Get 'em'.

Determined with these words in his mind, Ben turned the 3 on 1 around, suplex after suplex, spear after spear, when all 3 lined up perfectly, Ben climbed up to the top rope, looked at the old Ben and said 'This is for all the great and brave Ben's there has ever been'. Drew a cross from his head to his stomach to his right peck, to his left peck to prayer hands, looked in the sky and 5-Star Frog splashed all 3 of them and pinned them all!

Ben went on to become the President of this new community, being one of the bravest men on earth and settled down with his friend Tasha living with 2 kids, a Tasha and a Ben where they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Sorry for the extremely long post and probably very confusing!
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