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My lucid dreaming experience.

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When i was about 4 or 5 i can clearly remember myself as being someone with powerful and vivid dreams. Soon after, i started having nightmares that terrified me to the bone. Somehow, i developed a technique when i was 7 to pretty much have a soliloquy, or when something bad was going to happen, everything paused and i saw myself break the forth wall and tell myself it was a dream and to open my eyes. I stopped having nightmares when i was 8-9 and just had vivid and enriched dreams. When i was 12, i learned about lucid dreaming and learned i was a lucid dreamer. Then i tried to actually do it in my dreams and it worked the first time! I just told myself "i know that i am dreaming" until i fell asleep and when i hit the dream, i said that in the dream, and was able to control anything and everything except for the main story of the dream. I am very lucky to be a natural lucid dreamer, and found out that one of my friends is too. We are now really close friends, and exchange techniques on dreaming and enjoy knowing there is someone else out there who knows how i feel. I am now 14, and having a great night, since i lucid dream almost every day. Thanks for reading!!!!
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