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I get stuck in my Lucid dreams, All the time.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:01 am    Post subject: I get stuck in my Lucid dreams, All the time. Reply with quote

Hi there....! :'D
So I'm going to post a question that everyone is sick of I'm sure.. I dunno I woke up, Thank you brain, Thank you brain, Thank you brain!
After getting stuck in a Lucid Dream.
I immediately went online and started trying to find out why/what this is and one particular persons post, well the answers just weren't answers to my dilemma so I had to sign up... This place is actually pretty.. I think I'll stay <3

Anyway, I don't try to Lucid Dream, I just do, I have always, Just done, As a teenager I thought cool, the idea confused me, continued to dream and sleep and realised later on.. You're actually always Lucid Dreaming.

So lately, I've been getting stuck, alot more than usual and I freak out.. Often!
Every morning I wake up, get my humans ready for their day, off they go, I have been suffering from an inner ear infection for nearly a month now, so I scoot off to bed... Just for a short while as I am fatigued, Always!

And then I imagine silly things.. Pausing time and stealing money, food, how much cleaning I have to do, visualising how great life is going to be (Having a tough time currently :/) This time, well most times, it was innocently imagining sexy time with my innermost partner in crime who I created as a teenager to just be a flawless example of a human.
Then I fell asleep and he become a jerk.
He is naturally a jerk all the time being a little on the sadistic evil side.
But he's pretty so its okay!

And my dream spiralled into a nightmare of scary things and crazy people and I was flipping out, wakeupplease, please wake up, gah!
Pinching myself, In dreams, get this, I cannot inflict pain on people nor myself, within dreams I have no strength so throwing a punch is like throwing a marshmallow and I just try imagine I looked awesome.. So pinching doesn't work, finding said asleep self and trying to wake her up, nooope, Nothing.
Waking up.
Realising I'm actually not awake.
That moment you waddle off and out of bed and victoriously throw your fists in the air because you woke up when you actually did not... And it happens again and again, me being less impressed each time.

My question is, Is this normal? Is this okay? Best way to wake yourself up? Am I mad? Sad.... Lucid dreaming can be rad but I quite like the real world because the real world does not have giant giants and stuff. :/

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