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Feedback on the site's content based on my experience

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:40 pm    Post subject: Feedback on the site's content based on my experience Reply with quote

Hey there,

Lucid dreamer for 18 years, have done a lot. Some of the site's content doesn't match my experience, so I thought it would be interesting to discuss it.

Many people believe that lucid dreaming might not be interesting because you create the whole dream experiences deliberately yourself, consciously. Well actually that is not the case: you control half of the story. Which makes it a lot more fun. By influencing half of the story, a lucid dreamer can gradually change a dream to anything conceivable.

You can teleport to somewhere else and choose what's hapenning if you want to. There's a spontaneous part, there's more hapenning than just what you decided, but I don't think it's about control. I can control everything. It's about co-creating. And even on that part I'm not that sure. As said later, it's about expectations:

Controlling your dreams is therefore a matter of controlling your expectations. Which is harder to do than it actually sounds. Fundamentally the dream is only a reflection of your own mindset.

I teleported to my high school once. Even without thinking about it, I was obviously expecting to see some students for example.

Also, when you watch your thoughts thoroughly, (part of the meditation process), you will see that you have tons of "micro-thoughts" all the time, and that they influence the dream.

For example, one time I was watching my thoughts in a small bedroom with a corridor on the other side. I had a micro thought "the worst that would happen would be a giant spider entering the room" and of course it appeared... I was like "OF COURSE you had to think about something like that, wow, well now: oh! Now the giant spider magically disappears!" and it disappeared.

But it's also part of my thing. I listen to my inner narrator, because he has a beautiful voice and way of speaking. I follow his stories, and when I want to change something I either narrate that part or make it happen brute-force like.

I don't know what you guys think about that.

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