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How to lucid dream
Lucid dreaming is much like mastering a sport. It requires dedication, persistance, and the right techniques. Train your brain muscle.

How to lucid dream

If you are committed and dedicated enough to apply various lucid dreaming techniques, you will likely have your first lucid dream in about a month.

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Learning lucid dreaming consists of three simple steps. You need to be able to: (1) recall dreams, (2) discover dreamsigns and (3) recognize recurrent dreamsigns. Be serious about it. If you are, you will acquire a wonderful skill that you can apply anytime in your life. Really make your first attempt to lucid dream count (take a look at our top 10 best lucid dreaming tips!) before you start.

1. Recall dreams

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to recall your dreams, otherwise you would not recall your lucid dreams in the first place. More importantly, it functions as a vital stepping stone for dream analyses. Recalling dreams is simple. Once you wake up, immediately ask yourself "What have I dreamt about?". Keep lying still and keep your eyes closed, have patience. Start associating. Write down any dream or dream fragment that you were able to recall.

2. Discover dreamsigns

Once you have noted down your dreams in a journal for about two to three weeks, you review your dreams and identify recurrent dream-like features that characterize your dreams: dreamsigns. This could be anything bizarre in the dream.

Do you notice any particular dreamsign that is recurrent and that frequently shows up in your dreams? Aha! You have found your target dreamsign!

3. Recognize dreamsigns

By the time you get track of your recurrent dreamsigns, you can go to bed prepared. Say to yourself, "The next time when I encounter my target dreamsign again I will remember to know that I am dreaming". Research has shown several techniques that greatly facilitate and improve your chances of becoming lucid. Once you turn lucid in your dreams, the next thing is to learn how to enjoy lucid dreaming using various dream control techniques.