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Lucid dream
A lucid dream is an awesome experience in which you can deliberately direct the dream plot to anything that you desire. Become a god of your own dreamworld. Gain extra-ordinary experiences that make you more happy, wise and mentally capable!

Lucid dream

Chances are that you do not recall dreams (REM-sleep) that often. Perhaps you even wonder how to dream. Well actually, we dream each and every night of our life independently of whether we recall dreams the following morning.

Dreams are full sensory experiences in which we experience a dream reality so immersive that in most cases it is indistinguishable from waking reality. In dreams we embody all of our dream senses in the same way as we do in waking life: we can see, feel, hear, taste and even smell in dreams.

Now imagine the possibility to attain dream awareness while you are still in the dream. Imagine how this awareness would allow you to direct the dream to your every desire. Imagine the boundless opportunities to acquire awesome extra-ordinary experiences. Say hello to lucid dreaming.


Significant lucid dreaming research stems from Dr. Stephen LaBerge's research team from the early 80s, based on previous studies showing that some of the eye movements of REM sleep corresponded to the reported direction of the dreamer's direction of sight. Subjects were asked to carry out distinctive patterns of voluntary eye movements at the onset of lucidity while they were dreaming. The polygraph records during REM showed the prearranged eye movement signals, proving that the subjects had indeed been lucid during uninterrupted REM sleep.

Since that time, a variety of grounded lucid dreaming techniques have become available by which nowadays anyone can learn lucid dreaming.

Why bother?

Dream awareness in the dream state allows you to deliberately control dreams (isolated elements or the whole plot) to anything you desire. The "lucid" dream provides endless opportunity to gain extraordinary experiences (recreative or therapeutic) that are impossible or difficult to gain in everyday life: free from physical and social laws.

Imagine applying lucid dreaming within the following (popular) scenarios: learn to fly in your dreams, resolve nightmares or fears, enjoy sex with anyone you desire, rehearse waking life events, explore states of consciousness, or experiment with new behavior.

Yep, it is learnable!

Thousands and thousands of people, young and old, from all over the world are studying and practicing how to lucid dream. Lucidipedia is moved to support this practice with complete and grounded tutorial programs, including live online lucid dreaming workshops that you can attend without ever having to leave your computer.

Lucid dreams might help you to experiment with family issues, might help you to confront fears, to generate creative solutions to complex life problems, or to explore states of consciousness. Use your lucid dreams to enrich and complement your waking life. Learn lucid dreaming.