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Lucid dreamers

Quotes gathered from attendees at Lucidipedia's lectures, workshops and courses throughout the years. Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

"Every time when I turn lucid I'm fascinated about the nature of the mind that is creating this immersive world around me."
> Robert

"Lucid dreaming completely transformed the way I viewed my dreams. Dreams are not stories that I passively watch in a detached way, lucid dreams are opportunities to consciously direct the experiences that I would like to have in my dreams."
> Angela

"At first I was skeptical but when I discovered the research done by the Lucidity Institute, I was sold and investigated the world of lucid dreaming and had my first lucid dream within a few weeks."
> Mark

"Lucid dreaming gave me the possibilities to have experiences I could not have dreamt about in the past. I don't need to dream lucid that much anymore. Occasionally I recognize a dream and often take off like a Super Girl would do. I do journal my dreams every morning though."
> Michelle

"There is more to lucid dreaming than just experiencing superficial things like sex or flying. I gain a far deeper understanding of the nature of my own existence and the reality that I perceive every day. Interesting stuff."
> Paul

"This might sound freaky, but really: I use my lucid dreams mainly for having any kind of sex I want. There can be occasions when it's even more enjoyable sex than in waking life. As a single middle aged woman, I use my lucid dreams to boost up my confidence for being an attractive girl and to find a nice man in real life."
> Christine

"I'm a huge fan of Spiderman and use my lucid dreams to 'web' my way through my dreams. It gives me goose-bumps every time I swing across Times Square. I love to be skilled in controlling dreams."
> Steve

"It even got me to the point where I could express myself by telling about particular lucid dreams that I have had. I think dreams should be more integrated in every day life."
> John

"Lucid dreaming teaches me to be more conscious about the things that I do and perceive in my dreamworld. It didn't take long for me to understand the same teachings apply to my waking life. I live a more lucid life now."
> David

"Psychology has always interested me. Now it is possible for me to literally walk through my own mind and explore what my mind is capable of. Stunning."
> Peter

"No XBox or Playstation could ever compete with a lucid dream. The human brain is capable of creating immersive and multi-sensorial realities that are free of charge!"
> Chris

"For the first time I am eager to go to bed and sleep. My friends ask me whether I have become addicted to sleeping in order to dream lucid all the time. Not at all, sleeping doesn't fascinate me. I like being awake. I like being conscious, even while sleeping. "
> Jessica

"I will never forget my first lucid dream. At one particular moment in the lucid dream I was talking to my mum and told her that she was part of my dream. Because she didn't really exist I tried to convince her she was just a dream character. Haha, a truly exhilarating experience."
> Brian

"After having learned how to lucid dream, flying become my number one lucid dream activity. After some practice runs I was able to invent all kinds of tricks in the air. No monster or fighter plane will ever catch up with me if I would encounter one in my lucid dreams! "
> Jim

"I love playing music on my cello and rehearse performances in my lucid dreams. It still amazes me how my mind could so beautifully internalize the sound of music. Although it doesn't sound perfect, it feels like I am rehearsing at the actual stage where I need to perform tomorrow night. More self-confidence as a result."
> Anna

"Interestingly, I don't have lucid dreams if I don't feel healthy, relaxed and inspired. Applying lucid dreaming techniques is not like taking a pill. So no, I don't think lucid dreaming could be addictive in the sense of drug abuse. My lucid dreams occur when I feel happy, confident and motivated about myself."
> Paula

"There is this urge in me to live a different life than the one I am living now. Although I cannot tell what kind of transformation it needs, I do know that I can experiment and explore with different lifestyles in my lucid dreams. I was amazed at how quickly I gained insight into the things in my life that I needed to change. I truly learned how to dream."
> Jane

"I cannot stand the often esoteric nature surrounding lucid dreaming. As if it were some kind of mystical experience. Well, it is not. Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that is researched and free for anyone to enjoy in every way."
> Oscar