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Lucid dreams
Lucid dreams are opportunities to experience anything imaginable with full immersion. Do you already have fun lucid dreams in mind to embark on yourself?

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are like full immersive games, where you are the game architect and main game character at the same time. A lucid dream allows for experimentation with all sorts of experiences that are difficult or impossible to gain in waking life (for example flying). Perhaps it is useful to acquire insights to the different kinds of lucid dream applications.

In general, there seem to be two strands of lucid dreaming applications. One has to do with pure entertainment in which lucid dreamers pursue recreational experiences just for the sake of having fun. Almost all student lucid dreamers start here, for example, with learning how to fly or to have sex with anyone they desire. Gradually though after experience, most gravitate towards more personally relevant and transformative applications like overcoming fears, exploring states of consciousness, or rehearsing challenging waking life events.

Case: being Superman

Suddenly I notice that I walk naked across the street. Everyone is looking at me. While desperately trying to cover myself while hurrying to a electronics store to hide, I become aware of the situation. I stop. I look around and notice the strange blendings of familiar places that make up the streets of the city where I am at. I am dreaming! This is a dream! I remind myself of how to control dreams and get excited. What would be something awesome that I could do? All stress leaves me as I transform myself into Superman. The crowd is cheering me on. I smile and walk onto the street where I hear the sound of an alarm bell going. It is coming from a bank. A robbery! With my heat vision, I penetrate the thick outer wall of the bank building and approach the robbers...

Case: lucid nightmare

Don't let it get me. Don't let it get me. Let it go away. While I hide in my sister's room, I feel my heart pounding. It is going to kill me. I look around to find something to hit it with in case it turns up. It is surely going to find me here. The moment I start to look around, I hear footsteps on the stairway. I freeze up. A rush of terror paralyzes me. The door opens and gives way for the dark evil creature. But once it reaches out one of its claws to hurt me, I shout "stop!". This is all too frightening. This is all too scary. This... this must be a typical nightmare! This is a dream! Curiously I move away from the wall and approach the killer creature. With each step, I feel becoming stronger. "You are me", I say. I smile. The creature transforms into a beautiful woman and...

A spiritual sport

Anything is possible once you become lucid in your dreams. Lots and lots of lucid dreamers explore and discover new exciting activities to embark on while lucid dreaming. Even more interesting is that the lucid dream state is highly immersive and provides a multi-sensory experience in which you embody all of your dream senses in the same way as you experience waking reality: touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing. Isn't that cool?

Imagine using lucid dreaming to gain experiences that will make you more mentally capable, wise and happy as a person. Start learning how to lucid dream today. It is an awesome spiritual sport.