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Learning lucid dreaming


Hi, my name is Tim Post and I will be your lucid dreaming instructor during this online tutorial program. If you are serious about learning to have frequent lucid dreams, then please check out our 30-day Online Course in Lucid Dreaming that we host at (our new website).


First of all, welcome to Lucidipedia. Thank you for visiting us (did you know we have recently launched our follow-up project at Come and visit us). Whether you already have some experience with lucid dreaming or not, doesn't really matter here. We will start from the very beginning, covering all the basics and move up to the more advanced techniques along the way. With lots of video tutorials to share.

I can see you haven't used Lucidipedia's Dream Journal yet to journal dreams. Make sure you do have your own Lucidipedia account before we continue.

About your teacher

I recall my first few lucid dreams from the time when I was only 7 years old. A long time ago. These were all lucid nightmares: vivid dreams in which I was locked up and chased down by witches while knowing that it was all "just" a dream. I was terrified. At that time I had no clue that these kinds of conscious dreams where called "lucid dreams", let alone that one could actually take over the dream plot to repurpose the dream experience to something much more powerful and positive.

Ten years later, as a teenager, I stumbled upon lucid dreaming incidentally by my best friend at the time and was startled by its formal descriptions and vast range of applications. Inspired by The Matrix movie, and brought up by parents who raised me and my sisters with love and a healthy dose of interest to self-develop, the study and practice of lucid dreaming fitted right in.

Up to this day I have had countless lucid dreams, some of which lasted over 30 minutes with peak performances of 4 lucid dreams in one single night. Powered by Lucidipedia, we organize professional lectures and courses nationally and internationally to educate people on the topic.

I am a lucid dream trainer and would love to take you on this free lucid dreaming course. Even if your goal would be to only experience one lucid dream, I would be honored to teach you the basics to get you going.

We deeply believe that lucid dreaming will someday play its part in revolutionizing the world in one way or another. With the Lucidipedia project we aspire to enact and steward that revolution. Join us and let us know of your experiences by connecting to Lucidipedia's lucid dreaming community.

Part 1: Hi there!

Some years ago, I founded the Lucidipedia project and decided to create a YouTube series dedicated to teach lucid dreaming and to share my lucid dream experiences on the web.

Though somewhat outdated, it still holds valuable information and provides insightful demonstrations on how to induce lucid dreams. I hope you enjoy.

You are not alone

As you can see on Lucidipedia's Lucidity Radar below, all tiny red dots scattered across the world map represent unique student lucid dreamers who are using to learn lucid dreaming. There are so many! The practice of lucid dreaming has truly reached out to become a global phenomenon.

It is one of the underlying motivations of the Lucidipedia project of why we feel the need for genuine and grounded learning material is called for: scientifically researched (grounded) lucid dreaming techniques that are reliable and effective. We are not here to waste your time.

Lucidity Radar

How to start?

Learning lucid dreaming is not that complex, actually. It mostly takes dedication and interest. This means that people who succeed quickly are those who are genuinely interested and dedicated, while those who want to make this a quick ride fail. The idea is that motivation is everything when it comes to lucid dreaming. It is a sport not only of the mind, but also of the heart.

You are probably interested what this basic tutorial course has to offer. Based on decades of scientific research conducted by the renowned Lucidity Institute (located at Stanford University in the US), we strongly argue to inform you of the most widely recognized lucid dream technique around: the Wake Back To Bed technique or Napping technique.

Effect studies indicate that combined with another technique abbreviated with MILD (i.e. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming), the WBTB technique greatly improves your chances of becoming lucid. Because the WBTB technique is the most promising technique to use for having lucid dreams reliably, we have decided to ground Lucidipedia's basic course onto it. This will guarantee results rather than making it a pointless elaborate literature study that holds no promise to have lucid dreams. Stick to this tutorial program and you will have a great basis to start practicing from.

This means that at Lucidipedia we do not promote self-invented and non-studied techniques that are abundantly made up by enthusiasts on the web. Do not get us wrong, we love to wonder about new ways to induce lucid dreams, but not to mislead you into spending time on rubbish techniques that are unreliable and only get you frustrated in the end.

We stick to the original scientifically researched methods and techniques and present you new ways to integrate and practice those techniques in your everyday training, with dozens of video tutorials, to give you a significant head start. It will be fun.

How much time would it take me?

Depends. If you are dedicated and interested enough to apply these methods and techniques that I am about to show you, you will likely to have your first lucid dream in about a few weeks or even sooner. After that, your learning curve will improve dramatically. Eventually it is likely that you will reach any desired skill level (e.g. having multiple lucid dreams in one single night).

Some have their first lucid dream tonight. Others only after months of training. With the latter, there are always underlying reasons for why those people fail. Key factors are dedication and interest. And remember, once you master this, you will have a tool that you can use for the rest of your life.

Online lucid dreaming workshops

Be sure to keep a close eye on any online lucid dreaming workshop that we schedule on the site.

These are like webinars that you can enroll for and attend right from within your internet browser here at the website. It is like attending a real life session, but online. I will teach (live) on various topics through a live webcam feed, with presentation slides and a chat box for you to pose questions or chat with other classmates. The ultimate way to learn lucid dreaming quickly.

It is personal and touches on details that go beyond these basic tutorials. Really, check it out. We would love to have you.

Literature I use

My knowledge of lucid dreaming is based on a wide range of scientific and popular literature on lucid dreaming.

In this video I provide you with an overview of my favorite lucid dream books. Since these videos are a bit outdated, check out our books & movies page to learn about many more valuable lucid dream books and movies.

Ready to start? Then let's begin. Please join me at the next WBTB technique section.

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Beginner's course

Expert's course
1. Introductions
2. Revalue your bedroom
3. Setup a training schedule
4. WILD technique
5. Train prospective memory
6. Meditation (part 1)
7. Meditation (part 2)
8. Falling asleep lucidly
9. Dream exploration
10. Spinning technique


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