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Liberation and Awakening

Congratulations! We hope you found this Beginner's course helpful in starting off your lucid dream adventures. Feel free to kick off the Expert's course whenever you feel like it.

Glancing over the complete WBTB matrix again on the left, hopefully will remind you of a better understanding of how to systematically induce lucid dreams.

Of course, now that you have obtained basic understanding of how to induce lucid dreams, the real practice of lucid dreaming starts. Lucid dreaming is not just about becoming lucid, but to use lucidity to create extraordinary dream experiences.

Many students like to join in on Lucidipedia's lucid dreaming community to share experiences or help others attain lucidity. Most continue with our Expert's course and attend our lucid dreaming workshops to go beyond the basics and attain expert levels of lucid dreaming skill. It is all up to you.

As Morpheus in The Matrix movie phrased it: we can only show you the door, you have to walk through it. With dedication and interest you can ascend to any level of lucid dreaming mastery.

Liberating the mind

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial program as much as I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. But before I let you sign off just yet, let me remind you of a wonderful secret that underlies the practice of lucid dreaming.

Your ability to control and manipulate dreams seems natural within the context of lucid dreaming: the dreamworld is a product of your own dreaming mind, right?

Consider the fact that our waking reality, for an important part, is also governed by the way we project our own theories, beliefs and expectations upon the world. There is no psychological or philosophical argument to refute the fact that we also dream our subjective realities during daytime. Though not through the mentation of REM sleep, we do seem to be involved in a continuous stream of unconscious and involuntary thinking that aims to bring subjective meaning to everything that happens to us personally. Could we thus also turn "lucid" when we are awake then?

True awakening

To what extent does understanding lucidity apply to life as a whole? In a lucid dream we learn that our feelings, thoughts and expectations directly influence how our dream reality unfolds.

To be a lucid dreamer is to engage in and resolve circumstances by not changing the illusionary physicality of the dream, but to change one's own attitude towards those circumstances. The dream changes when you change yourself. After all, the dream is projected through your own mind. So potentially, lucid dreaming does not ultimately teach you about how to control dreams, but teaches one about self-control, about becoming aware.

To me, the ultimate value of lucid dreaming practice is coming to understand that there is actually nothing like "me" and "reality". I have learned to intimately merge with reality. Just wait and see how life changes accordingly when you drop your Self and be life, just as the ultimate lucid dreamer IS the lucid dream.


I would like to honor the Lucidity Institute for making the study and practice of lucid dreaming accessible to the world and for producing such an inspiring edition of Dr. Stephen LaBerge's Exploring the World of Lucid dreaming. Without the invaluable research that is done by LaBerge's efforts, lucid dreaming would still be some underrated experience with no educational support whatsoever.

Again, thank you for visiting Lucidipedia. We would love to have you as a student in one of our lucid dreaming workshops.

Sweet dreams!

Tim Post

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2. Revalue your bedroom
3. Setup a training schedule
4. WILD technique
5. Train prospective memory
6. Meditation (part 1)
7. Meditation (part 2)
8. Falling asleep lucidly
9. Dream exploration
10. Spinning technique


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